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Specialist in standard and complex feeding systems and assembly solutions.

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Whether it's feeding technology or complete assembly solutions: we can make it. In addition we are agent of RNA. Besides our customized solutions we also offer serial production.

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Assembly machines

We develop and build machines that assemble your product using various assembly techniques.

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Production automation

We develop and build machines that assemble your product using various assembly techniques.

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Bowl feeders for standardized parts

Our platform is set up in such a way that we can quickly offer a robust and cost effective solution for the standard parts, such as bolts, musts, screws, pins, etc.

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Bowl feeders

We are specialists in the design and construction of bowl feeders. In house we build efficient systems for the feeding and positioning of parts.

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Our flexible and compact feeding and handling system for small components. The system works on the basis of Robot Vision and is modular.

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Your solution

Is your solution not there? Feel free to contact one of our advisors.

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Robot Vision Solutions - Radine

As a supply specialist, we have broad experience in the application of smart camera systems, combined with robots for handling your product.

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Feeding systems

As a specialist in the efficient feeding and positioning of parts, we offer the right solution.

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Assembly technique

We offer solutions that assemble your product using different assembly techniques.

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Lineair modules

We use Schaeffler linear modules to build customer-specific manipulators in x, y, and z directions.

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RNA solutions

As an agent of RNA, we supply the complete portfolio including reliable drives, controls, bunkers and accessories.

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Schaeffler Technology Partner (STP) - Radine

As a Schaeffler Technology Partner, we adapt standard linear modules to your requirements.

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"Radine is a creative and reliable cooperation partner in an agile environment for feeding technology in assembly and test systems."

Jörg Hausecker - Head of special machine building engineering

“In our production we can count on Radine's reliable machines for years. It is also pleasant to work with a party that provides expert advice and is involved in the entire process. ”

René Wienholts - Production Process Development Specialist

"Parts-oriented feeding in high numbers per minute is perfect for the specialists at Radine. We have been using this for many years and are very satisfied with the delivered performance."

Kelvin Aldenhoven - Production Engineer

"We often have a challenging project on supply technology. We have always been positively surprised by Radine's creative and clever solutions, where precision and high uptime are key words."

Kris Geldof - Technical Sales Manager

“GTE bv has been working closely with Radine for a long time. As a result, we have been able to realize beautiful projects in recent years, partly due to the integration of Radine's reliable feeding technology. ”

Hubert Peters - Project Manager

"For the production of the same large series, but also the production of a challenging mix of different products, Radine has provided us with reliable production solutions for years. This contributes positively to our delivery reliability."

Bram Bruininx - Plant manager

“Robust and trustworthy options and machinedels in the crucifix in the door on the development and the realizing systems. The engineers en monteurs van Radine think constructief mee in the realiseren van optimal oplossingen. ”

Floris Goet - Sales Engineer

"Radine has proven itself to supply reliable supply systems in various development projects. In addition, Radine has succeeded in scaling up to challenging serial production with us."

Dennis Koetsier - Manager Purchase

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