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Customized solutions require custom service. That is why we offer a wide range of services around our products as standard. In advance, when presenting your problem, but also when the solution is in production. In doing so, we can rely on our many years of experience. This allows you to focus on the development of your product without any worries.

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Our services

Project management

At Radine we manage your project from A to Z.

Skilled project engineers manage your projects. You will be talking to driven technicians with broad knowledge because, within Radine, we have all the expertise in-house, from (software) engineering, feeding technology to production.
Our many years of expertise in the supply technology is an enormous advantage. Whether it concerns bowl feeders or robot vision solutions. We develop it in-house.

Your specific challenge - the right advice

Based on our years of experience and by quickly performing various tests in our test center, we are able to give you the right advice about your production challenge. You can choose to implement the recommendations yourself. Of course we can also take care of this for you.

We can also assist you in optimizing your existing production process.

Your specific challenge - the right advice

Do you have questions or are you curious about the possibilities with you? We like to think along with you, please contact one of our technical advisors

Staff training

In consultation we can deliver a tailor-made training. This can be for operators, an operating instruction, but also a course for e.g. the technical department.


Continuous availability is the most important criterion for the profitability of production systems for production companies. With preventive maintenance and inspections, downtimes can be avoided.
With the expert guidance of Radine specialists, the technical availability of many of our systems is almost 100 percent. We offer a customized service, which is fully adapted to your individual needs.


You can contact us for the delivery of (spare) parts of your feeding system or machine.

As an agent of RNA (rna.de), you can also contact us for all their products, such as (parts of) control boxes and drives.

Service (onsite and remote)

With your permission, we can log in remotely and possibly identify the problem. In addition, our specialists can visit you on location to determine the problem.


"Parts-oriented feeding in high numbers per minute is perfect for the specialists at Radine. We have been using this for many years and are very satisfied with the delivered performance."

Kelvin Aldenhoven - Production Engineer

"Radine is a creative and reliable cooperation partner in an agile environment for feeding technology in assembly and test systems."

Jörg Hausecker - Head of special machine building engineering

“Robust and trustworthy options and machinedels in the crucifix in the door on the development and the realizing systems. The engineers en monteurs van Radine think constructief mee in the realiseren van optimal oplossingen. ”

Floris Goet - Sales Engineer

"Radine has proven itself to supply reliable supply systems in various development projects. In addition, Radine has succeeded in scaling up to challenging serial production with us."

Dennis Koetsier - Manager Purchase

“In our production we can count on Radine's reliable machines for years. It is also pleasant to work with a party that provides expert advice and is involved in the entire process. ”

René Wienholts - Production Process Development Specialist

"For the production of the same large series, but also the production of a challenging mix of different products, Radine has provided us with reliable production solutions for years. This contributes positively to our delivery reliability."

Bram Bruininx - Plant manager

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